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The DMDEA are always trying to improve the facilites for our costumers. Here you can read more about some of our currently cases and projects, as well as conducted assignments.

Photo: Oil clean-up by spraying surfactants in the ground

New oil method
The DMDEA is the first in Denmark to have utilized a new groundbreaking method for oil clean-up.

In 2002, a contamination of aviation-fuel caused by leakage on a pipeline was found in Tanker Guldager. It is estimated that around 45 m3 of oil still remains in the soil. The oil lies in the surface of the groundwater mirror; 3-5 meters below ground level and is spread over an area of 1,000 m2.

The DMDEA purifies the oil by a new method, consisting of ‘washing the oil out of the soil’. Imagine cleaning a frying pan, where a drop of detergent (surfactant) causes oil and grease to loosen and lay on the surface. During environmental clean-up, surfactants are sprayed into the soil via drilling. Surfactants reduce surface tension, and the oil can be washed out of the soil and collected. The oil is then cleaned in a purification plant. 

Photo: 'Kommandantgården' from 1725

Renovation of 'Kommandantgården'
The court from 1725 was built by contractor Mathias Wulff by drawings from E. D. Häusser. It had been neglected for a number of years and needed a thorough renovation.

The budget for refurbishment of the court stands at 28.3 million DKK, and the building will be hosting an information centre of the Monument of Denmark's International Initiative after 1948. The 2nd and 3rd floors will be used by the naval officer association, which previously housed in the former naval hospice ‘Søkvæsthuset’.
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